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home alone

It's been years since I've actually been "home alone" - I mean, the true sense of the words.  Yet, here I am - and it feels as though I've never done this in my life.  It's refreshing to know how much love I have for him, seeing how being without him hurts so much.  At the same time, though, it does hurt.  heh.

My doggies are asleep near my feet as I type, exhausted from the 90 degree heat of the day - as am I.  The entire weekend will be comparable...  I feel most at peace in that kind of  heat.  It's as though I was intended to be closer to the equator.  There's something about being able to suffice without any extras - just (lots of) water...  Shoes are too hot, not much clothing is tolerable, no McDonalds - just bare feet, a swimsuit and tank top, some strawberries and a cup of l'eau.  I wish I didn't have this nice of a house sometimes - or that it was more open, more air flowing through - slight breezes tossing everything this way and that.  If it were up to me, I'd live under just a roof - with drapes as walls, able to be opened and closed at will - a peaceful square of shade - maybe with a mattress and pillows (ok, definitely a mattress and pillows) - but nothing unnecessary.  I'm crazy...  at least that's what I hear.  But, what can you do?  Maybe I'm George of the Jungle?  A psychologist could have a field day with my daydreaming....   remember RCH field days?  This one would be better.

I'm going to start painting with my friend Claire, a 13 year old girl, soon.  We talked today, she showed me a painting that she had just finished, and asked if I'd be willing to teach her over the summer.  I'm excited, but my inferiority complex tugs at me, strangely.  I've always thought of art as the ONE thing I'm not inferior about...  Guess I was wrong.  I didn't know where to start with her - so, we're just going to get together and paint - both of us.  That's how I work best - on the same plane.  I'm feeding off of her inspiration, maybe we'll help each other.

And, so I end this ramble.  I send peaceful prayers to Corey in Rome as he lays sound asleep near our old pup Fat Feet.  Looks like I'll be writing a bunch in here over the next few days until my he returns home safe and sound.................................  Goodnight void. 

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