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in comparison

It's late in Rome now.  C just called me from the bar - he's ready to go home, but has to wait for his ride - who's making a play at someone other than his girlfriend.  How sad... living in a small town and trying things like that.  Or, maybe it's the small town that does that to you?  Who knows?  I'm thankful for what I have, though... that's all I can say.  I can't wait for him to come home.

I have the beginnings of a tan (applause).  I guess I still have it in me - it's been literally years since I sat in the sun for any length of I was certain I'd be crisp like a lobster after spending all day outside.  Fortunately, I have the makings of a beauty queen now.. ok - so that's stretching it a bit, but I'm happy not to be hurting as I get ready for bed.

The sun just set a little while ago.  I can't believe how long the days are right now - I stood outside and watched the blue turn to navy, and it was so gentle and peaceful.  Unnoticeable, really, until I came inside and can no longer see the silhouettes of the trees.  I love it here.  Listening to the people outside of DeMatteo's made me realize the tranquility of the Northwest.  There's a little bit of bustle downtown - but, it's all polite bustle.  Each person waits for the sign to cross the street.  There are no horns honking.  It's really a gentle, quiet city...Seattle.  well, in comparison to some (ahem) other cities!  ha ha.

I started a new drawing tonight.  It's a shell that I found at the beach down the road from my house.  I broke out the Prismacolors and have every intention of creating a scientific drawing within the next few days...  If I get enough of them started, I'll have the beginnings of a beautiful portfolio!  Anyway, it's started, and that feels good.

Well, I'm gonna call it a night and jump in the shower.  Another day of sunshine and heat awaits me, and I can hardly wait. 

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