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And, here I sit...  Muttering to myself about my beliefs...  I wonder why it is that I surround myself with people who push the limits - cross boundaries that I think I have set up, when in all actuality they are only visible to me.  You'd think that I'd attract people with similar thoughts/feelings... I mean, afterall, they always say "you attract the same as what you put out there."  So... this makes me wonder.  Do I put this other girl out there?  Do I appear to be someone who would really push the limits?  Morally?  I don't think so.  Because people know me, and they know the strength of my beliefs.  At least, I think they do?

Long story short... There's a bachelor party going on right now.  It shouldn't feel so bad.  I mean, every guy, at one time or another, goes to/has one of these things...  But, I guess I never incorporated that into my life.  I never envisioned the person that I'd be with actually attending something so ... well - this is my thought on the subject ... degrading and sexist and .  Ugh.  I can't even write about it.  Mainly because I know some people read this (on occasion).  Grr.  I've always been strong-minded, and when something isn't feeling right - there ain't no ignoring it...  It has to get out as soon as possible.

This bothers me. 

 I've had way too many guy friends, and know way too much.

And, it's out now.  Thanks.

*there is always sunshine above the clouds*

It's been so beautiful the past few days.  I'm getting anxious for my vacation to my family's camp in the Adirondacks.  I miss them so much, and seeing them at such a heavenly place is the greatest thing. 

I've been reminiscing about the past lately...  The summers in Rome, all of the fun, uninhibited times I've had.  Those are few and far between now, and that scares me because of my personality.  I keep thinking "when things slow down, I'll have a good time."  But, things aren't going to slow down.  This is life now.  So, the challenge that's met me now is how to get over this, and still have an amazing life. 

Goodnight moon..............-s-

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