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wedding day

It always amuses me when a wedding comes around, because for everyone involved, the entire day centers around it.  It's that unspoken feeling that surrounds such a ceremony.  It doesn't seem like anything should change, but it does.. unexpectedly.  So, my friend Eric is getting married tonight, and I spent the day shopping, with another friend named Eric, to get ready for it.  Now it's 2:20, and here I sit until I leave here around 6-ish. 

My dress is so cute, I went to the store and found it all alone on the clearance rack for $12.  I guess it must be a "susan dress" or something, because I absolutely love it, when apparently nobody else did.  It's a simple strapless knee-length black dress with little white polka-dots all over.  Of course I threw in a Susan twist and will be wearing hot pink patent-leather shoes, with a matching clutch purse.  How could I go to a formal event and not have fun with the dressing-up part?  Everyone gets so stuffy at functions like this...but they don't have to!  I even talked Eric into wearing a dark peach colored button-down.  C won't budge - except for his yellow tie.  And, that's fun.  So, it should be an interesting event - I don't know who will be there, but they are a prominent Rome family, so I'm sure I'll see some familiar faces!

The dogs are sleeping on either side of me right now.  I love when they get sleepy.  There's something to be said about anything sleeping - it's so peaceful and snuggly.They're making me want to take a nap.  Maybe that would be a good idea after having a nice Greek lunch...

I hope everyone's safe for the 4th of July.  You know how dangerous those fireworks can be.


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