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Pink Stick

I've been thinking about the things in my life that were displaced for some (consciously) unknown reason.  The fact that I can never remember if I've 'seen that movie' and will even sit through its entirety again, never realizing that I've been there, done that.  How I can meet someone I've already met before and swear to Heaven that I've never seen them in my life, well, maybe in a picture once or something.  It scares me sometimes.  I'm young to be forgetting.  Aren't I? 

I just remembered a girl that I rivaled in highschool. No, she didn't attend my school.  In fact, when I met her, she was already in college - playing on the Salmon River hockey team illegally.  Her name?  I couldn't tell you - all I know is what I deemed her to be: Pink Stick.  She was no doubt the fastest, most agile girls hockey player in the area.  And, although I wasn't big - I was quick and agile, as well... and when we met face to face - well, that's what makes  We were equal...despite a slight age difference.  And, I'll never forget how stupid she looked with flourescent pink hockey tape on the heel of her stick.  I mean, as a girl, playing hockey is the closest you'll ever come to being male...  why ruin that experience with a dainty accessory?

Regardless, Pink Stick and I battled head to head (or, stick to stick, hip to hip...) for at least two years.  I remember the last time we were up against each other...  She took a shot from center ice, I intercepted it - and took a break away........ I remember it in slow motion - the jerseys flying blurrily past me, the sticks hitting my shins. I can feel the wind on my face and hear the sound of her skates cutting through the ice almost in sync with my breaths as I cruised toward the goalie, solo.  My stick went back and up...and...wham - score.  As she skated past me she muttered...bitch.

After the next dropping of the puck, my confidence was soaring.  I knew I was one-up on her today.  I won the drop - a pass off to my right wing, and I skated as hard as I could...puck back to me again...toward the goal.  I heard the crowd yelling my name...  I saw my teammate whizzing around to the left of the goalie, and went for a pass.  Just as my stick pulled away and began to return to the puck, my skates flew out from underneath me.  The puck was passed - slowly, but successfully - and I lay on the ice, motionless.  I couldn't feel the lower half of my body.  Pink Stick's pinkness was caught in the underside of my skate (where she had tripped me).  She yanked and pulled, jerking my straining body around.  No call was made.  The crowd was furious.  I was furious.  I squirmed toward her, trying to nab her with my own stick - to no avail.  The period ended, and I lay in agony on the ice.............had to be carried off into the locker room where it was decided I had pinched a nerve in my hip.  As I was wheeled back into the arena, I stared through the glass at those (sore loser) hockey players....and read their lips as they said, "how'd that feel?"

Man, I miss those days.  I miss those feelings, and lack of feelings.  It's been 8 years now since I last skated.  Ha.  What a vision I must be now.

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