Susan (suegrow) wrote,

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my love

I've loved you since the day I saw you standing there in your tan corduroys. The same tan corduroys that I fold and put on your shelf today. I've loved you since you shared your green tea and stared into my eyes as we listened to your life put to music. Since you touched your hand to mine as we sat with our backs against your a house that we can no longer visit. I've loved you since I ran out and drove home with tear-filled vision as the sun rose, knowing that you were leaving. The depth of emotion that I feel when I think of you has continued to grow, and with every thought of what's to come, the tears well up out of disbelief. My life has become more than just a mechanical movement now that you share it with me. It's more than a novel, more than a vacation. It's like the moments during the creation of a masterpiece, the moment of realization that you can sleep in. It's like pajamas and hot cocoa after hours of snow. You make me me, and my every day complete. I love you, my love.
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